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Need Constructive Feedback Readers

If you're friends with me on Facebook you know that I've finished my first non-gay mystery novel and am in the process of editing it. At this point I need some readers to give me some perspective on the thing. Specifically, I need readers who are willing to jot down notes as they read it, e.g., if a passage doesn't work for you, if it does; if a part confuses you; you solved the mystery too soon or the mystery made no sense; you like or dislike a character; your general impressions of how the book compares to other mysteries if you happen to read the genre. Stuff like that. Not looking for line edits at this point unless you feel like it. I'm mostly looking to see how the story reads.

If you're interested, please email me at and I'll send you half of the manuscript. Those who take the time to write out their comments and opinions will receive the second half.

This is an important project to me. I'm planning on submitting a package to agents, so please only reply if you're also serious about helping me out. Thanks so much.

edit: thanks to those who responded. I'll be contacting you after New Year's :)

Quickie update

Hey, all. I'm about 2 months into my third contract on the ship and thought I should give you an update on the books and chapters. I switched computers right before I came out to the ship and discovered my new computer has the crappy Windows Works rather than Windows Office installed and my templates for the books won't load on it. So I'll be safe and say I won't be posting the next batch of books until my vacation, which is pretty much what I've been doing previously anyway. I'd hoped to get out the third book of Juxtan in October but that'll be delayed along with the rest.

In good news, though unrelated to JF stuff, I'll be finishing the first draft of my first non-JF novel just in time for my birthday in mid-December. It's a cozy mystery and a manuscript I plan to shop around to agents for possible publication. Fingers crossed I'll finally become a traditionally published author in the near future.

That's it. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! See you in the spring! Be sure to friend me on Facebook (send me a message to let me know how you know me) if you want to check out my adventures on the ship. This contract I'm going Down Under and to several countries in Asia.
Whoa. How hot is the guy who plays Nathan on Haven? I'd never seen the show before and now I can't stop watching because of this beautiful man.

"Angel: Released"

Book two of A:R is now up on Smashwords and Amazon. I had to rewrite the character of Race a little because he was just obnoxious in his previous incarnation. I don't know what I was thinking with him, lol. He makes more sense now :)


"A Pirate's Life for Me" short stories

I wrote these short stories and published them under my pen name a while ago but since all the pirate books are under my real name I figured I should just convert these over for easier access. So if you purchased these under the Alexandra Kirke name, you don't need to buy them again; they're the exact same versions. But if you haven't purchased them previously and want more pirate action, here you go. They're both on Amazon for 99 cents:

Ridden Like a Pony (A Pirate's Life for Me short)

Yo, Ho Christmas (A Pirate's Life for Me short)

For some reason the old cover is showing up for Pony but I've checked the file and everything is updated on my end so Amazon just needs to refresh that image.

"Empire Chain"

I admit I hadn't expected to format any Wrath World books before I finished doing the other series but I started reading "Empire Chain" and got hooked, so I figured I may as well edit and format as I went. So here you go! Available on Smashwords and Amazon.


"The Battle for Black"

Now available on Smashwords and on Amazon; coming soon to other retailers. Btw, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and the Sony store are usually the last retailers to have my books available so periodically check the story pages because I will update those pages with the links to those stores as the books become available there. I think Acceptable Sacrifices was the latest to show up in iTunes.



Ck Garred has been making plushies for a long time and she's wanted to make JF plushies for nearly as long but I kept forgetting to mention this to you guys. It just so happens she's now open for commissions so if you're interested in a JF plushie (or other fandom characters), buzz on by her DA page here.

"The Gathering"

I've published the second novel in the Juxtan series and this book is a perfect example of why the ebooks are an improvement over the web stories. This book uses the "Gathering" and hurls "Eternity" out the window. I rewrote the ending so Hadrian and Caled are lifebonded differently. "Eternity" was just a disaster and I'm glad to remove it from the site. And I'm really glad to have a much better continuation of the Juxtan storyline.

Anyway, this is now on Smashwords and Amazon.







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