Tricia (juxtaposefantsy) wrote,

Fanfiction... again

Lord help me, I'm writing fanfic again. Since I returned home to the States I've been unmotivated to write, mostly because I'm lazy and my brain just wants to rest and not think. Being out of the country for seven months, constantly moving, is cool but also can be mentally tiring. So I've been veging. Working a bit on Beneath the Greying Cliffs, and my own novels, but mostly meh.

But of course I find a new fandom that's killing me, pun intended. I've been sucked into Hannigram in the Hannibal fandom and now I've begun writing a story for it. Fic is Abigail/Hannibal/Will because I wanted Will to be at the mercy of two people ;) I hope to have it up late tonight or maybe tomorrow if it grows long.
Tags: fanfiction, hannibal, hannigram
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